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Wat Nong Wang Khon Kaen Thailand

Jan 23, 2011 , Posted by Lawrence Westfall at 2:31 PM

Wat Nong Wang Khon Kaen ThailandWat Nong Wang is a 9-story temple located in Khon Kaen near Beung Kaen Nakhon.  It is a popular temple with tourists and locals alike most coming to visit on the weekends.This weekend was no different.

Busloads of school kids were all over the place with hundreds of pairs of shoes outside the temple.  On every one of the nine floors, were elementary school kids wanting to practice their one word of English - Hello.

I am not sure where they all came from on a Saturday, but they were definitely not from Khon Kaen and definitely not from anywhere that has a lot of foreigners.

But, the kids were polite and well behaved, making merit, praying, and studying all there is to study at the temple.

Each of the 9 floors is like a mini museum, so the kids hopefully got to learn a bit of their culture.
Buddhist Monks BBQ

There were also a lot of Buddhist monks-in-training - youngsters that were not quite living the monk lifestyle.  Some were walking around chatting on their cell phones, while others were assisting with the barbecue.

I guess that with the older monks busy with all the visitors on a Saturday, the younger ones can get away with a little bit of freedom.

This was about my 6th visit to this temple and each time I am amazed at it beauty and the peaceful surroundings.  Even with all the visitors, it was still very quiet.

We stayed about an hour, hiked to the top, took a bunch of photos, and headed out for a four kilometer walk around the lake - Beung Kaen Nakhon.

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